Let go of the Pain

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I was watching a very old episode of Joan of Arcadia last night. If you don’t know the story, God gives Joan various assignments and she learns from each one. The episode last night was about Joan being jealous. At the end Joan turns to God (who is a six year old girl) and says: “Why would you put those feelings in me?” God replies: “Everyone has a part of themselves that they don’t like Joan. You carry it around like a weight. The lucky ones realize that when it becomes too heavy you can choose to set it down. […]

Trust Our Bodies

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In June 2017 my husband started having severe and sharp pains in his ankle. So bad that he couldn’t drive. Thus began our search for what was wrong and how to stop it. For 5 months we visited doctor, specialist, physical therapist, acupuncturist, physical therapist again, several chiropractors finally to the podiatrist who had the answer. This last doctor was familiar with the problem and had a very simple solution. So today, my husband is pain free and on an even better path for continued good health and positive aging. One thing I learned from this experience was to stop […]

Your Destiny is in Hand

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Through scientific palmistry, (hand analysis), the finger prints, lines, gift markers and challenge markers, can be seen as a map that shows what your destiny might look like, and where you are on your life path to achieving the right life you came to earth to discover. A hand reading can bring more awareness and understanding of your life’s purpose. As you wake up to your inborn potentials, the possibility of transforming and experiencing your Best Life can bring you joy, confidence, fulfillment, and wealth in many areas of your life.

Empowering Experience

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The Empowered You Workshop was successfully held on Feb 20th, and brought together three  presenters, Sandy Schafer, Christi Wich, and Dr. Tara Zeller, each providing exercises to enable a full room of women to embrace their Empowered Selves.  These experiences allowed the participants to:   1) Visualize and connect with their Empowered Self. 2) Rewire their brains with a creative exercise, thus giving participants a powerful tool to experience the Empowered Life they want. 3) See the blocks they put in the way of realizing their Empowered Selves and remove them. More empowering experiences to come.